Case Study: Solids Processing

The Challenge

Design, permit and construct a new, never-before-developed solids processing facility (SPF) for the collection and processing of oilfield waste such as tank bottoms, drilling muds and truck washouts.

Processing and disposal of solids materials is increasingly a major environmental and economic concern for the oil industry. Prior to the newly designed solids processing facility, the method for solids removal and disposal throughout the oil and gas industry was antiquated, extremely costly and environmentally challenging. Solids also reduce a facility’s ability to operate efficiently and at capacity.


We took on this very challenging project with complete focus. The client had previously piloted the solids systems concept to establish a general understanding of the thought process and the facility system intent. To begin the process, the owner provided some general information that then required substantial research, design and refinement. We worked closely with the client's representative in a collaborative team effort to achieve the final system design and project model. The final SPF design intent was to develop a centralized facility for collection of solids from all regional producers and provide an alternative to the costly method being utilized.

The economic viability and an ongoing cost analysis of a project is an integral part of our process on any project. This step took on added importance with an entire new process design such as the solids processing facility. Our team had to carefully focus on the research and development of all materials and equipment that would be necessary for quick and efficient processing of solids. We were intent on designing all systems as efficiently as possible with the understanding of all cost and construction concerns.

The results of our collective team effort, including those of the client's staff, have resulted in an extremely efficient solids process design and model ready for construction. Construction of the new solids processing facility is underway with a set project cost for construction. M3 Construction's use of its 3-D model has been invaluable with respect to project coordination, planning and establishing an understandable and clear project schedule and cost. Because we have the model to utilize as a basis for costing a project, the entire team, including the client, is confident that all project costs are accounted for and determined. Lastly, through the use of the model we have been able to eliminate any conflicts and reduce the construction timeline to bring the facility online as quickly as possible.