Case Study: Water Recycling

The Challenge

To design-build a water treatment process for produced and flowback water for reuse using existing metal buildings and previously owned/purchased equipment for two separate facilities under an aggressive six-month schedule. Recycling produced water allows oil and gas operators to reduce their dependence on freshwater sources. Our process utilized 11 different chemical systems, dissolved air flotation (DAF), solids contact clarification, media filters and filter presses to remove solids.


Our team was able to phase the construction in way that allowed for multidisciplinary coordination and flexibility understanding that the final, detailed process design would be completed in parallel with the demolition and structural phases. To help keep the construction, design and client's team in sync, the design-build team used a 3-D model design and built the facility directly from the information presented in the model. Traditional design sheets were not used. This approach became critical to meeting an aggressive schedule and being able to efficiently handle the client's full-scale process and instrumentation (P&IDs) drawings evolution, which changed 14 times.

The project sets a new standard in the market for commercial water reuse since with capacity far exceeding all other options (20,000 to 30,000 bpd).