Where We Operate

Two saltwater disposal facilities are currently operating in the Permian Basin near Big Lake, Texas.


Strategically located in Reagan County in the heart of the Permian’s Midland Basin, BlueJack’s Schwinn 5280 facility came into service in February 2016. BlueJack’s Merida 5280 facility is located in Glasscock County and came into service in April 2016. BlueJack has signed multiple contracts with Laredo Petroleum Inc., (“Laredo”) (NYSE:LPI) for water disposal services. Laredo will send to the two BlueJack facilities a portion of Laredo’s produced and flowback water production from wells drilled within an area encompassing approximately 110,000 acres.

Schwinn 5280 and Merida 5280 serve producers targeting formations including the Spraberry and the Wolfcamp. Both facilities inject into the Ellenburger formation and have significant available capacity. Both locations are also large enough to accommodate additional facilities as customer demand grows.

Schwinn location: 
780 FM 2600, Big Lake, TX 76932
​Lat/Lon: 31.552361, -101.456861

Merida location: 
2977 CR 280, Garden City, TX 79739
​Lat/Lon: 31.71187, -101.372197